S2 Pass–Athletic Event Ticketing


West Florida Baptist Academy is partnering with S2 Pass, a new digital ticket provider for the 2021-2022 school year, for all athletic events. In order to attend any athletic event at West Florida Baptist Academy, you must purchase a ticket from S2 Pass. There will not be a cash gate at West Florida Baptist Academy for any athletic event for this upcoming school year.  
You will need to download S2 Pass from the App Store or Google Play (links below). Once you have downloaded the app, you may purchase your ticket(s), and it will be scanned upon entry from your smartphone. An instructional video is below. Please be sure to purchase your ticket(s) prior to arrival. Please share this information with other students and fans!
If you don't have a smartphone, you can also purchase your tickets from the S2 Pass fan website and print out your tickets to present at the game through this link here: https://fans.s2pass.com/
App download links
Google App Store - Google Play Store - Android
Apple Store - App Store - iPhone
Instructional Video

Frequently Asked Questions about S2 Pass

Can I have a refund for my ticket purchase?

We currently do not offer refunds for ticket purchases. The funds associated with your ticket purchase are sent directly to the school associated with the event. S2 Pass does not have direct access these funds which limits our ability to distribute refunds.

An event that I have purchased tickets for has been canceled or postponed.

At the school’s discretion the event may be rescheduled. If this occurs your tickets will automatically be reset making them available for future use on the rescheduled date. 

If the events have been rescheduled and your tickets have been stamped as “Expired” or “Used” please reset your application to refresh your tickets. 

If the school hosting the event elects not to reschedule the event please contact the school in question to determine how they will handle the cancelled event. 

What is the purpose of the “Select” and “Redeem” buttons on my tickets?

These are used only by the individuals working the gates at the events that are associated with the ticket. No action is required by the ticket holder.

How do I view my tickets?

To view the tickets you have purchased select the home school that is hosting the event. After selecting the school hosting the event press the “View Tickets” button on the school’s home page. Your tickets will be stored on this page for future use.

Why is the event that I am trying to attend not currently available?

Ticket sales for events are made available by the school hosting the event. The scheduling for starting ticket sales will vary from school to school. Please contact the school that is hosting the event you wish to attend to determine when the tickets in question will be made available.