5 and older

Kindergarten at WFBA is an exciting, structured program that helps boys and girls learn reading, writing, and math; as well as Bible, science, history, music, and art. Classes are vibrant, interactive, and highly engaging. Trained teachers diligently prepare each full day of class to be memorable and impactful so that all students are able to develop vocabulary and language skills, eye-hand coordination, counting, and simple combinations. Regular games and activities are also incorporated daily to allow boys and girls to share adventures and build friendships. 

A significant part of the Kindergarten experience is the opportunity to listen to Bible stories and to learn and sing wonderful songs of praise to God, helping each child to know the love of Christ.

The school year is also filled with special days such as holiday parties and assemblies, dress up days, carnivals; and best of all, the Kindergarten Graduation—a full graduation ceremony with cap, gown, and diploma!  

Children entering Kindergarten must turn 5 before November 1.