High School

Our Junior High and High School begins daily at 8:00 am and ends at 2:40 pm, with the exception of an early dismissal of 12:40 on Wednesdays. Each subject is still thoroughly taught on Wednesdays, just in a shorter time frame.   We find these couple hours off to be beneficial in scheduling doctor’s appointments, etc. for both the students and the faculty.   This helps tremendously with the lack of time needed off from school for appointments on other days of the week.  Our goal is to give each student the best education possible, so attendance at school is very important.

Our teachers are very knowledgeable in their subject matter and strive for excellence in each of their students.  The teachers take a one on one approach with the students and make learning a priority while enjoyable at the same time.

Our school consistently scores above the public schools on ACT and SAT tests.  All of our English classes are Honors English and more than prepare our students for college.  Our goal is to have each student well-prepared for college through academics and self-discipline.