Welcome to West Florida Baptist Academy

Our purpose at West Florida Baptist Academy is to teach Christian character, spiritual responsiveness to God, hard work, and high academic achievement. We are striving to teach our students how to live, not just how to make a living. We endeavor to be Academically excellent, but distinctively Christian. We believe that teaching is a God-given calling and ministry, not just a vocation. We want to produce well-balanced Christians. We are striving to instill into our students the idea of measuring every action and attitude against the principles in the Word of God. As the student grows spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically; the Word of God will ensure that the student becomes “throughly furnished unto all good works.”

As a Christian school, our purpose is to assist the parents to “train up a child in the way he should go.” For the school to be effective, the home must be in order. We must learn to control the inputs that lead to error: television, music, movies, books, and magazines. Those inputs which promote fornication, hatred, covetousness, drunkenness, rebellion, or blasphemy should be eliminated and replaced by purity of morals, love toward others, and obedience to God.

Every time a group of people comes together they must establish rules to govern themselves. Rules are established to benefit all of the members of the group. It is for this reason that rules should be looked upon as a good thing.

At West Florida Baptist Academy we have four types of rules:

  1. Rules that prohibit known sins.
  2. Rules that help to establish self-discipline in the heart and mind of the student.
  3. Rules that promote high standards of excellence in mental, spiritual, and physical activities.
  4. Rules that are for the protection and general well being of the student or student body as a whole.

Rules are meant to serve the student’s best interest. The administration constantly scrutinizes the rules to see if they are serving their purpose. If a parent or student has a sincere question about a rule, he is urged to contact the school office.

God expects loyalty from His children. In order to be loyal to the Lord, we must obey and support those He puts in authority over us. We must be loyal to our parents, our local church, and our school. For this reason, we cannot allow any derogatory remarks concerning anyone in a position of authority or responsibility. Do not pass on any derogatory remarks to other students or parents.

If a student or parent has a complaint, it should be taken directly and privately to an individual in that area. We welcome the opportunity to straighten out problems as soon as possible if they are brought to us in the proper manner. We cannot correct problems if they are not brought to our attention.

We ask that parents and students do not share their problems with other parents, students, or faculty members that are not involved in the solution of the problem. Passing on negative feelings about the school causes the entire ministry to be hurt. The Lord admonishes us to build up and encourage one another.

We reserve the right to make such changes, as we deem necessary throughout the school year. Students will be informed of these changes in chapel services. We are looking forward to serving you. Please pray that God will bless our combined efforts to make this a great year.

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