Athlete Eligibility: Athletes and cheerleaders follow the same rules concerning eligibility to participate in the athletic program. The following rules apply:

  1. Faithfulness To Church-We believe that our athletes and cheerleaders need to be examples to other students with their testimony. Church attendance is important for the spiritual growth of the student; and therefore, we ask our athletes to attend church faithfully.
  2. Grades-Participation in sports or cheerleading is dependent upon the student maintaining an overall “C” average and not receiving a failing grade in any subject. Grades will be evaluated every three weeks and students are expected to maintain the grade average during every grade period. If the athlete does not maintain the expected grade average, he will be put on academic probation.
  3. Conduct-Students playing sports represent our school to others and are expected to display the standards of Christian conduct and sportsmanship. Athletes who fail to maintain such standards may be suspended or removed from the team.
  4. Suspension-Students who are suspended from school will not be allowed to participate in any after-school activities.
  5. Attendance-Athletic activities should not interfere with attendance to school. Students must attend school that full day unless previously approved by the administration in order to participate in any after-school games, practice, or activities. Students must also be at school on time the day after a game, or they will be suspended from other games if not pre-approved by administration.
  6. Dress-Athletes and cheerleaders must adhere to the dress code at all times in order to remain on the team. Athletes are to wear dress shirts and ties to school on the day of games and for all away games, whether on a school day or the weekend. They should adhere to dress code on the way home from a game.
  7. Insurance-Athletes are required to have and maintain health insurance that includes accident insurance, and will be responsible for any accident that occurs during the activity whether on our property or at the facilities of another school or organization.

Athletes have to miss several class periods during the season. Class periods missed are usually at the end of the day because the athletes leave early for away games. Athletes will not be given special consideration and must make up all work that is missed within the allotted time. An away game may require that the athlete return to school late in the evening. Athletes must make allowances for shortened study time. If it is found that practices and schedules hurt a student’s grades, it is recommended that the extracurricular sports be given up. A student should not sacrifice his educational opportunities in order to participate in the athletic program. Parents must sign a Consent and Release From Liability form in order to participate in any sports at WFBA.

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