Office Procedures


Regular Dismissal   

Half-Day Program

  • K3—11:30
  • K4—11:40

Full-Day Wed.

  • K3-K5—2:15 12:15
  • Grades 1-6—2:30 12:30
  • Grades 7-12—2:4012:40
    On Wednesdays all students must be picked up by 12:55 p.m.

Please do not pick up children from the office at these dismissal times. To alleviate the congestion in the parking lot, please wait for the dismissal time of your OLDEST child before getting into the pick up line.

For the safety of our students, drivers license or ID cards may need to be produced. If our personnel in charge of pick-up procedures is not familiar with the person picking up a child, they may be asked to produce identification. All those picking up a student must be listed on the registration sheet under a list the names of persons your students may leave campus with. If identification cards are lost or if persons to pick up your child change, you will need to contact the office.

Parents or anyone designated by the parents coming within fifteen minutes of normal pick up time need to remain in the pick up line and can not check out their child through the office.

Early Dismissal: Early dismissal should be used only in cases of emergency or for appointments that cannot be scheduled after school. Students who are leaving the campus before regular dismissal time must sign out on the appropriate sheet in the office. Permission for leaving must have been given in writing by a parent or guardian of the student and approved by the office. If the student does not drive, either a parent or someone designated by the parent or guardian in writing must pick up the student in the office and sign them out. For students to be dismissed early because of inclement weather, a parent must call the office and request the early dismissal.

Family Envelopes: Periodically, a family envelope will be sent home with students containing important information. This is the office’s way to keep you informed of important events at school. Parents need to watch for these envelopes on a monthly basis. We will send most information home by e-mail. When an envelope is sent home, the parent is to remove all the materials, read the information, sign the envelope and send it back to school with the student on the following day. There will be a $5 replacement fee for envelopes that have not been returned to school each month.

Telephone Calls: The telephones at school are for business purposes only. Telephone messages from parents will be given to the student. Emergency calls will be handled immediately upon determining the emergency. Students may not be called from class to the telephone except in emergencies. Students will not be permitted to call home for forgotten articles and the office will not call for them. Cell phones may not be used during school hours. (See complete information under articles prohibited.) Only 7-12 grades may bring cell phones to school, but they must be turned in to the designated person before the first period of the day.

Withdrawal Policy: A student who is officially withdrawing from West Florida Baptist Academy must be released through the school office by the parents or guardians who initially enrolled the student filling out a withdrawal slip. Return of books and all other obligations will be handled at that time. If a student has attended school even one day of a given month, he is responsible for payment of the entire month’s tuition. Any records or transcripts will be sent upon request from the new school if all financial obligations have been met and books returned or full retail value paid. If a withdrawn student chooses to re-enroll, a fee of $20.00 will be charged to offset reinstatement costs.

Any student who owes the school for any amount past due more than 30 days is considered withdrawn unless financial obligations are met or arrangements with Administration have been made.

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