Home and School Communication

Parent-Teacher Communication: The success of the school will be due largely to the dedicated efforts of the teachers and parents. The school desires that teachers and parents communicate on a regular basis. Either the parent or the teacher may request conferences. Their purpose may be either to solve a problem or simply to let the parent become acquainted with classroom procedures and to receive an update on the student’s progress. If you desire a conference, please contact the teacher or the office. Parents can also communicate with teachers through the child’s homework pad. Teachers often write notes to the parents in the homework pad, so it is important that parents check the homework pad each night. Parents may feel free to write notes in the pad back to the teacher.

Parent-Teacher Meetings are scheduled each nine weeks at the end of each grade report period. The school requests that parents be faithful to attend these meeting. Report cards will be given to the parents in the classrooms after PTM.

Orientation: At the beginning of each school year we have an orientation in order to acquaint parents and students with our policies and activities for the school year. Attendance at orientation is required since there is a large amount of information that needs to be communicated at the start of the school year. We have separate Orientation for Kindergarten. Check your calendar for dates.

Channels of Communication: When problems arise, the student and teacher should try to solve them. If they cannot, then the parent may call the office for an appointment with the teacher. If the problem still exists, the teacher or parent should present the situation to the principal. If the problem persists, then the principal will discuss the problem with the administrator. The channel of communication would always be (1) student-teacher, (2) student-teacher-parent, (3) teacher-parent-principal, and (4) principal-parent-administrator. All classroom problems should be directed to the teacher. All meetings need to take place on school property. The administration reserves the right to be present at any student-teacher or teacher-parent meeting.

Phone Calls and Contacts: We ask that students and parents be considerate and limit calls to teachers to between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. or at a designated time. Parents are never to interrupt classes or call teachers away from their duties. Teachers will return a call after school hours. Teachers and students who attend the same church should refrain from discussing school business during church.

Report Cards: Report cards for the 9-week grading periods are handed out at each Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM). If a parent does not come to PTM, parents can pick up report cards in the office anytime after PTM. No report cards can be given out before PTM. It is important parents look at the report card.

Requests for transcripts must be made 48 hours in advance. First transcript is free; all others will receive a $25 charge.

Please note–no grades are released at any time if financial obligations are not up to date.

Parent Volunteers: The school has parent volunteers who assist the school with fundraisers, special events, class trips, and other extra-curricular activities. The school also assigns a homeroom mother for each grade. If you are interested in being one of the parent volunteers or if you would like to be a homeroom mother, please fill out the volunteer form or contact the office. We ask that all volunteers abide by our dress code for high school students as listed on page 24 whenever working here at school or on school sponsored activities.

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