In May of 1979, Pastor Jerry Walker presented to the men of Stewart Street Baptist Church the desire to provide an education for the children of the church families based on the Biblical principles and emphasizing spiritual training, character building and high academic standards. Therefore, on September 4, 1979, the Stewart Street Baptist Christian School opened its doors for students from our church and other churches in the area who were interested in the same goals. There were 76 students enrolled that year. The A.C.E. program was used in the beginning and was gradually changed to the traditional classroom format.

In the fall of 1987 we opened classes in our new building with our new school name, West Florida Baptist Academy; and a new principal, Alan Stewart. He later became the pastor of the church and administrator of the school. He has since continued the vision begun by Jerry Walker. Since the beginning of our school we have seen the staff and faculty more than double in size and we currently have over 300 students. The principal of the school is Linda Bacon and the vice-principal is Lynn Kemp.

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