General Information

Chapel: Our chapel program is geared to reaching the heart of the student. All the knowledge and wisdom that a young person can gain in the classroom is in vain if he does not have a heart to use it properly. Chapel services are held one day a week for grades K5-12. All students are required to attend Chapel and to bring a complete, readable King James Bible. No substitute is allowed.

Closed Campus Policy: Students may not leave the school grounds during school hours without permission from the Administration. Parents picking up students early need to check them out in the office. Any visitors to the school must come through the school office and get a visitor’s pass. This includes former students, volunteers, friends, relatives, and parents. All visiting students must be approved in advance by the administration. Only prospective students will be allowed to visit with current students.

Emergency Information: It is important that the school be kept informed of the parent’s current address, phone number, place of employment, and employer phone number. If there is any change during the year, please let the office know immediately. Unlisted phone numbers will be kept confidential.

Expelled Students: An expelled student loses credit for the current semester and is able to return to West Florida Baptist Academy only after requesting and receiving the permission of the administrative committee. An expelled student, regardless of the reason for expulsion, is not allowed on campus. He may not attend any school-sponsored activity or athletic event.

Extended Care: West Florida Baptist Academy provides extended care services for enrolled children in grades K-3 through sixth only before and/or after school hours. Parents may bring their children to school as early as 7:00 A.M., and any student still on the campus after 3:00 (1:00 on Wednesdays)—except for organized activities— will be expected to check in at extended care and will be charged for services. This includes siblings of students involved in after school activities such as sports, drama, or music. Please contact the school office for a listing of the fees and hours available.

Field Trips: Students will be allowed the opportunity of participating in one or two field trips a year. The school rules apply to behavior and dress code on the field trips unless otherwise notified. These field trips are arranged for the class and cannot include friends, parents or siblings. Parents may be asked to help chaperone and will be expected to uphold the policies and dress code of the school. Any parent who does not abide by these policies will be asked not to go on the field trip. Parents will assume all responsibility for their children. A permission slip will be sent home to be signed before the field trip. Any student without a signed permission slip will not be allowed to go on the field trip. Field trip days are considered mandatory attendance days. Any student not attending a scheduled field trip, senior trip, or any school-sponsored trip is required to attend school during that time unless otherwise directed by the administration. Students not on the trip or attending classes will receive zeros in all classes for that day.

Fundraisers: West Florida Baptist Academy will run fundraisers throughout the course of the school year. We require students and parents to get involved and help with our fundraisers so that we can raise the money needed to provide the extras for our school. A donation can be made in lieu of participation.

Library: Library facilities are available at West Florida Baptist Academy. All books are due on the date stamped in the book. Fines will be placed on late books. Appropriate fines will be assessed on lost books. A student who does not pay a fine will not receive his report card.

Lost & Found: Articles are taken to Lost and Found and may be redeemed for 25 cents. This is a policy we have established in order to teach students the responsibility for their personal possessions. We cannot be responsible for items left for long periods of time. Lost and Found articles not claimed will be sold at a student Lost and Found sale or discarded after thirty days. This includes items not claimed within one week after school ends in May or June.

Lunches: Hot sandwiches and an array of snacks and drinks are available for lunch at a nominal cost. Students may bring their lunch, but no student will be allowed to leave campus for lunch unless he is accompanied by his parent or guardian and has made the arrangements in advance through the office. Food and drinks are not to leave the lunchroom. Parents desiring to eat lunch with their child must have office approval.

Ownership of School: West Florida Baptist Church and Academy, Inc., of Milton, Florida, solely own the building and property of West Florida Baptist Academy. If any student causes damage to school property, the replacement cost will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Parties and Special Events: Any party at school must be approved in advance through the office. No parties will be permitted unless a responsible adult approved by the administration is in charge. We do not hand out invitations for students’ personal parties.

School Closing: Announcements concerning school closing due to inclement weather or other calamity will be made on television channel 3. Parents wishing for students to be dismissed early because of inclement weather must call the office and request the early dismissal. If possible, we will alert you by email if we are closing school for any reason.

School Clinic: We have a school clinic with personnel on duty during school hours to take care of students who are ill or have accidents at school. The following policies are to be adhered to regarding visiting the school clinic and receiving medications:

    • Any student requiring medication (including aspirin and vitamins) during the day may take the medicine ONLY after seeing the clinic personnel and producing written permission from his parent or guardian.
    • Prescription medications must be sent in the original bottle with the student’s name and dosage on the label. These need to be brought in to the school office by the parent. A Prescription Medicine form must be filled out and on file in the clinic.
    • Students are not to bring or keep any medications in their possession. Medications, even over the counter types, must be brought to the school office or clinic by the parent. Medicines will be counted at that time and signed for. (The student may keep Inhalers after the parent has filled out proper papers and authorization.)
    • Under no circumstances is a student to give another student any medicine, vitamin, or food or herbal supplement.
    • Students who become ill at school should tell their teacher they are sick, and they will be allowed to go to the clinic.
    • The clinic personnel will determine the extent of a student’s illness and the required treatment. The office will call home for the student if a call is necessary.
    • Students must have a hall pass from a teacher or the office to visit the clinic.
    • Please be reminded that all accidents on school property or during school-sponsored activities should be reported to the office or clinic immediately and injuries should be reported no later than 24 hours after occurrence.
    • Students are considered contagious if they have a persistent cough, rash, fever over 100 or any communicable disease. If students have had any of these symptoms, or if they have been diagnosed with a communicable disease, they need to be symptom free for 24 hours before coming back to school or have a doctor’s note that they are no longer contagious.
    • Students who show signs of a contagious disease here at school will be sent home.
    • Students who show signs of any contagious disease or have been diagnosed with a communicable disease will not be allowed to attend school until they are symptom free or a doctors note states that they can no longer transfer this disease to another person.

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