Financial Information

Smart Tuition: All families must enroll in Smart Tuition, which is a third-party billing company we use to help us with fees. All fees have due dates of payment, but the registration fee must be paid before we can put the child into a class role and be considered enrolled in our school.

Registration Fee: A registration fee reserves a place for your child in his grade and pays for administrative and secretarial work related to pupil’s files and records. Since this fee is for services rendered at the time of registration, the fee is not refundable. Reservations will not be held for your child until this fee is paid. We offer a discounted rate if the reservation fee is paid by June 15.

Book/Course Fees: This fee provides for the rental of textbooks, purchase of workbooks, testing materials, and other consumable supplies in the classroom. The fee varies according to the grade the student is in and according to the classes that the student selects. A complete list of course fees can be obtained through the office. Course fees are due by July 15. This fee is not refundable. Students should take proper care of books and supplies. The student’s parent or legal guardian will pay for neglect, abuse or excessive wear on books or replacement costs. If a parent chooses to purchase their child’s books from an outside source, they must obtain ALL the books (even the books used in the classroom that are considered the [email protected] books) being sure to get the edition that we are currently using in the classroom. A $40 testing fee will be charged in lieu of the book fee.

Course Change Fee: Students in grades 9-12 sign up for courses for the following year in the late spring. Those who change courses after September 15th will owe a course change fee.

Matriculation Fee: Provides for paper supplies, classroom supplies, general school needs, and one yearbook per family. The matriculation fee is due at the beginning of each semester (August 1 and February 1).

Student Accident Insurance: All students are required to purchase accidental/catastrophic insurance. This is a group insurance that covers your child if they are injured on school property during regular school hours or at a school-sponsored activity. This is not a health insurance policy.

Locker Fee: Students in 7-12 grades are provided with a lock and locker in which to keep their school supplies. Only school provided locks may be used. There is a fee charged at the beginning of the year for the use of the locker. This fee is non-refundable. If a student loses his or her assigned lock or key, he/she will need to pay a replacement fee, or if the student damages the lock or locker, he/she will be charged accordingly. We reserve the right to periodically check lockers. Lockers should be kept locked at all times. We are not responsible for items stolen or lost whether inside or outside the lockers. Items left outside the lockers at the end of the day will be taken to lost and found and a fee will be charged to reclaim them. All items left after 30 days will be taken to a benevolence facility. The privilege of renting a locker may be taken away if the student does not maintain them properly.

P.E. Uniforms: Students enrolled in a P.E. class are required to purchase a P.E. uniform through the school office. Failure to wear a proper P.E. uniform will affect grades and could cause loss of credit for the P.E. class.

Lunch Cards: Lunch cards should be purchased through the office and paid with a separate check. The card is kept in the lunchroom and you will be notified when the card is low. Any restrictions you want put on the card must be written on a note when the cards are purchased.

Extended care: Extended care is provided for our students at an hourly fee. Further information can be found under general information or by contacting the office. Extended care begins on the hour after school is dismissed each day. Bills for this service are sent out at the end of each month except for the month of May when we collect at the end of each week. Extended care will not be provided if you are past due on your account.

Graduation Fee: There is a fee charged to students enrolled in K-5 and 12th grade, which covers the cost of the caps and gowns, programs, and materials that are used in the graduation ceremonies. These fees must be paid as well as any other school fees before the student may graduate.

Placement Fee: Students transferring into West Florida Baptist Academy will be asked to take a placement test. A small fee is charged for this service.

Tuition: West Florida Baptist Academy neither solicits nor accepts government funds of any type; therefore, it is necessary that fees and tuition be paid when due. All payments are due in advance, and students will not be permitted to attend class unless accounts are current.

  1. Current tuition rates may be obtained by calling the school office at (850)-623-9306, or by going online at
  2. Registration, matriculation, book fees, and the first month’s tuition must be paid before students begin classes each year.
  3. Each month’s tuition is due according to your setup with Smart Tuition. A late fee will be applied if you do not pay on time.
  4. If tuition remains unpaid by the end of the month, the student will not be allowed to attend classes on the first of the next month.
  5. No student will be allowed to take final exams if tuition payments are not current.
  6. Classes missed because of non-payment of tuition are considered excused absences and any class work missed must be made up.
  7. Any returned checks will be charged a $20 service charge and two returned checks will cause an account to be placed on a cash only basis.
  8. If a student withdraws or is expelled for any reason, no tuition will be refunded for the monthly period in which the withdrawal or expulsion occurs.

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