Attendance Policies

Absences: Regular attendance is essential to successful class work. A student who is absent must bring an excuse, written by his parent or guardian, to the office within twenty-four hours of his return. If a student fails to bring in a written note within the allotted time, the absence will be considered unexcused. Even if you call to let us know that your child is absent, we still must have a written note for our records. No work can be made up for an unexcused absence, and students will be given a zero as a daily grade for each subject for the unexcused absence.

Work missed during excused absences may be made up for credit if done so within the assigned time. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the teacher concerning makeup work. One day per excused absence is allowed for make-up work unless the student has more than three (3) tests to make up or missed more than three days. If this happens, students must contact the office for a makeup schedule. Parents need to look on HeadMaster for makeup work.

Students must be present at least three hours to be considered present at school. No student will be allowed to take part in athletic competition or other extra curricular activities if he or she is absent from classes or late that day unless previously excused by the administration. Students unable to attend school on the day following an athletic competition, or they are late without a doctor’s excuse will be suspended from participating in the next game. If this practice becomes habitual, they will be removed from the team.

Students can only have five excused absences per each nine-week period. After the fifth absence, they must have a doctor’s excuse or the absence will be considered unexcused (see above explanation of unexcused absence).

More than twenty (20) absences accrued in one year will result in grades being dropped a step on the final grade in each subject. The only exception in this would be in the case of an extended illness, in which case he may not miss more than forty (40) days total per year. Excessive absences may result in loss of credit for that year.

Tardiness: Students are considered late to school if they are not seated in homeroom by 8:05 a.m. Tardiness is extremely disruptive to the operation of school. Chronic tardiness is unacceptable. Being prompt is a matter of habit. Students are expected to make every effort to be at school and to class on time. Students will be allowed four excused tardies in a nine-week period. After the fourth one, all tardies will be unexcused no matter what the reason. Students with tardies above the allotted four will report for a 45-minute detention on the assigned day. We realize that sometimes parent’s problems may be the cause of the tardiness; however, if there are more than four tardies, the child is learning bad habits. For this reason, all procedures regarding tardiness will apply, regardless of who is at fault. At ten tardies during a nine-week period, we consider this excessive and any tardies from 10 or more will be treated as an unexcused absence in addition to detention.

No student will be admitted to class after the tardy bell has rung without a slip from the office or designated staff member. Students who do not get a late pass will be considered absent.

Truancy: The penalty for truancy (intentional absence from school without permission) is an automatic three (3) day suspension. No work missed during such an absence may be made up. A second instance of truancy may result in the expulsion of the student. There are no “senior skip” days allowed. Administration has to approve any days out of school. Unauthorized early departure from school or skipping classes is considered a type of truancy and the same policies apply.

Mandatory Attendance Days: During the school year, there will be certain days that we require students to be in attendance. Quarterly and Final test days are automatically considered mandatory attendance days. We will bring these days to your attention by the school calendar, by e-mail, or we will make an announcement during chapel. A zero will be given on all work missed for any students absent on these days without administrative approval.

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