West Florida Baptist Academy is open to students of any race, color, or ethnic group so long as they meet the following qualifications:

  1. At least one parent must be a born-again Christian. We would prefer that both parents be saved and that the student has made a profession of faith.
  2. All prospective students must have an interview with the principal and be approved by the administrative committee.
  3. Application packets must be filled out in their entirety. This includes the registration form, and Statement of Cooperation and Waiver of Liability, which must be signed by both parents and/or legal guardian without any changes. Copies of papers verifying legal guardianship or custody papers must be provided and kept on file. This must be done before students are admitted to classes. We will also need a health exam form, immunization form, and a copy of the birth certificate.
  4. A placement test is required of those students transferring from other schools in grades 1st-12th.
  5. Transfer students are admitted on a conditional basis until all transcripts and records from the previous school verify their academic status and records as well as disciplinary actions are reviewed.
  6. Parents must sign a statement of cooperation. (See #3 above.) Students in grades 7-12 must sign a standard of conduct form.
  7. Students must live at home with their parents or legal guardians. Any student moving away from home without parental permission must drop out of school until the situation has been resolved.
  8. If the student’s primary parent or legal guardian changes during the year, the new legal parent or guardian must re-apply to the school for the student to remain enrolled.
  9. Students who have withdrawn at the end of a year and re-enroll will be considered as a new enrollment. All fees, forms and admission policies apply. Students who withdraw and re-enroll in the same school year will be charged a $30 re-enrollment fee plus any other applicable charges.
  10. Attending West Florida Baptist Academy is a privilege and not a right. The school reserves the right to deny admission or re-enrollment to any student that, in the opinion of the administration, does not fit into the spirit and purpose of West Florida Baptist Academy.
  11. Students entering any pre-school (K3 or K4) or kindergarten (K5) class must be the appropriate age by November 1. All pre-school and kindergarten students must be potty-trained. Students starting K3 must be 3 years of age before school begins.
  12. Re-enrollment is not guaranteed. Each year students must re-apply for admission and, after the previous year has ended, the admissions committee will evaluate each student for re-enrollment.

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