Achievement Tests: Achievement tests are given every other year. The purpose of these is to critique our curriculum and to identify individual student weaknesses and strengths.

It is important that students do their best during these tests because their scores will affect the student’s future as well as the school’s academic future. A copy of the student’s test scores is sent home to the parents in order for them to see how the student performed on the tests.

Academic Awards: At the end of the year, students receive academic awards along with participation, character, and achievement awards. Academic awards are given to the students with the highest average in various subjects and overall achievement. Students must have attended our school for the entire year and have an A average to qualify for class academic awards. Any student determined to have cheated during the year will forfeit all possibility of receiving any academic or character awards. This includes valedictorian or salutatorian. These awards are determined at the end of the third nine-week period.

To be on the yearly honor roll, a student must have been on that honor roll for all previous marking periods whether they attended WFBA or another school.

Graduating students must have at least a 3.5 grade point average to receive any academic honors. In order to be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian, the student must have completed at least their Junior and Senior years at WFBA.

Adding or Dropping Courses: Students may drop or add a course between the fifth and including the tenth day of classes. Students must obtain written permission to change courses. See “Finances” for the fees concerning this. Courses may also be changed at the end of the first semester if approved by the academic supervisor.

CURRICULUM: Minimum Requirements for Graduation:

In order for a student to graduate from West Florida Baptist Academy, he must have attended West Florida Baptist Academy for minimum of one semester immediately before graduation and a minimum grade point average of 1.5 and he must have accumulated at least 24 credits for general diploma and 26 credits for college prep. Within those credits he must have completed the following:

*Bible is a required subject for each year in attendance at West Florida Baptist Academy.

**Math must be Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry for college prep. Completing the college prep or any other course does not guarantee acceptance in college or any scholarship program.   

Transfer of Credits: West Florida Baptist Academy will accept credits from other educational institutions at our discretion if the credits are determined to be High School level. Home school students must have a certificate from an authorized entity stating they have successfully completed the previous year before we will accept any credits.

Examinations: We do not administer college entrance exams. Information on registering for the SAT or ACT will be given out when requested from the office. It is recommended that they be taken in both the eleventh and twelfth years.

Grading System: West Florida Baptist Academy issues report cards each nine 9 weeks. Students earn grades on the basis of the following percentiles:

100-99 = A+ 88-85 = B 74-71 = C-
98-95 = A 84-81 = B- 70-69 = D+
94-91 = A- 80-79 = C+ 68-65 = D
90-89 = B+ 78-75 = C 64-below = F


The grade point scale used is 4.0 = A; 3.0 = B; 2.0 = C; 1.0 = D.

For in-house purposes, this scale is broken down further. Check with the academic supervisor for further information.

Cumulative grade point averages for graduation are figured by the final grade point average in grades 9-11 and the first three 9-week grading periods average of the senior year.

Homework: Homework is assigned as a teacher feels it necessary to review material covered in class. Homework should not take an excessive amount of time. If a student is spending too much time on homework, the parent should contact the teacher or academic supervisor to see what the problem might be. For elementary students, homework should only take from 20 minutes to an hour. For high school students, homework should not take more than 2 hours except on test days. Homework is to be turned in on the day assigned. If it is not turned in on time, the student will receive a zero for that day’s work. If it is made up within one school day’s time, the grade will be changed to a 64 if they made higher than a 64, or the actual grade they made if it is below a 64.

Honor Roll: At West Florida Baptist Academy, we have three different honor rolls a student can qualify for: The A honor roll and the A-B honor roll.

A Honor Roll: A student on the A honor roll must receive an A grade in each class.**

A-B Honor Roll: A student on the A-B honor roll must receive at least one A and an A or B grade in each other class.**

Note: Students may make one step lower in subjects that require physical dexterity and still be on the honor roll.

Physical Education: Physical Education is taught at West Florida Baptist Academy. Students are taught fundamentals of soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, track and field, and baseball.

All students must wear gym uniforms. Please check with the office to find out what the required uniform is. A student who is not properly dressed for physical education will have points deducted from their grade. The student will also have to go outside with class and walk or run laps. Students who are physically unable to take P.E. must bring a note and will be allowed to go to study hall. Problems that persist more than three days will require a physician’s note.

Promotion Policy: If a student receives two or more F’s on their final grades they may be required to repeat the grade they are currently in. If a student receives an F in a major subject on their final grades, he may be asked to repeat the grade or receive summer remedial help.

High school students will be promoted on the basis of credits earned.

  • Sophomore—5 credits or more
  • Junior—11 credits or more
  • Senior—17 credits or more

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