What Can Parents Expect

Spirit Day GirlsAn educational blackout exists in America. The public school system is now forbidden to educate children in certain segments of learning. Exposure to the Bible, Christian values and the teaching of patriotism are now things of the past. When the public schools exclude from the curriculum subjects with which they disagree, they no longer educate—they indoctrinate. Parents who care are entitled to an alternative. West Florida Baptist Academy provides that alternative, and it purposes are:

  • To train your child to love and respect the Word of God. Because we believe the Bible to be the foundational stone of truth, every child will daily be taught the Bible by born-again Christian teachers. The philosophy of life as taught by the Word of God will permeate all aspects of the child’s learning and daily school activity.
  • To instill into your child standards for living which are noble and pure and include, among other things: a love of Country, self-discipline, and respectfulness.
  • To give your child the finest in academic training. The growth of the intellect is a part of education just as is the development of character.

The best of up-to-date teaching methods and materials will be utilized. Close personal supervision will be given each student. Mastery of subject matter and application of principles will be the ends to which every teacher teaches. No child will be given a grade he does not earn, and promotion to each succeeding grade will come only when the child has done passing work. It is unfair to the child to give him a grade he has not earned.